The Asia Wine Challenge™ Judges

The Asia Wine Challenge™ is held by the 15 year established Peak Publishing organisation which operates the largest wine and spirits awards in the World. Named by CNN as “the most influential beverage competition in the World”“responsible for 1 billion bottles sold since 2006.

100 of Asia’s most influential Buyers exclusively Judge at the Asia Wine Challenge – Asia’s Most Powerful Wine competition

The Asia Wine Challenge™ Judges are specialists in mature wine markets:
* Japan
* Korea
* Singapore

The strict blind tasting includes the World’s finest wines targeting Asia.  

Samples are strictly ‘Triple Blind Tasted‘ (as developed by the Peak Publishing organisation).

Asia Wine Challange™ Judges are: 
A. Not informed of the country of origin of each sample
B. Are not able to see the origonal bottle or labelling 
C. Do not discuss their opinion with other Asia Wine Challenge™ Judges

This ensures the Asia Wine Challenge™ results give absolute accuracy to entrants, the industry and consumers.